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Our Services

American Facilities Maintenance, Inc. (AFM, Inc.) has offered retail and commercial companies reliable service for over 29 years. We offer local, regional or nationwide service - including service within Canada and Puerto Rico. All services are available for free quotes - the only information needed from you is a store list, window specs and the rest is done by us! Our system allows for easy conversion from any type of service plan you are currently using. We take care of the management from beginning to end.

By allowing licensed, bonded and insured technicians to service your stores, you are able to save time, money and management. Not to mention, you are releasing liability and providing a safe working environment for your employees. All technicians employed by AFM, Inc. are professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured. Your store and district managers should be able to focus on sales, operations and employee management - Not preventative maintenance and general cleaning. When you allow AFM, Inc. to provide these services, you are able to refocus your management’s time and save money.

American Facilities Mantenance, Inc. offers:
 •  Reliable & Safe Window Cleaning Service
 •  Predictable and Wholesale Rates
 •  Service plans within any Budget
 •  Online Account Management
 •  Local, Regional or Nationwide Service
 •  Licensed, Bonded & Insured Technicians
 •  Small-business working relationship
 •  Window Cleaning
 •  Pressure Washing
 •  Awning Cleaning
 •  Store Front Sign Cleaning
 •  Carpet & Floor Cleaning – Including:       Hardwood, VCT and Concrete

How We Can Help!
All business premises must consider the first impression into their establishment – sparkling, clear windows. Whether inside a mall, on a street corner, within a strip-center or stand alone, your customers will be drawn to the one that gives that wonderful first impression. American Facilities Mantenance can make your first impression a grand one with scheduled, routine cleanings by professional, licensed cleaners. Nothing can deter a customer more than a dirty, hand-print smudged view into your establishment. With routine maintenance you are ensured a streak-free, view for all to peer through.